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Megumi Yamashita
Megumi Yamashita ( Judging Committee)
All Breed Judge

・the Vice-Chairlady of FFF Judging Program
・FFF Japan regional director

・FFF All Breed judge

Megumi enjoys dedicating herself to the breeding and exhibiting of pedigreed cats, especially American curl and Norwegian forest cat and Maine coon cat.  Megumi founded Fortissimo Cattery in 1989.  Megumi is breeding and showing American curl, Maine coon cats, Norwegian forest cat, Selkirk rex, Ragdoll, Oriental SH, American SH,Persian, Ocicat, Scottish fold, Tonkinese, Siamese, Russian blue, Chartruex and British SH.

Megumi has served as an All breed judge for 15 years in the world-recognized purebred cat association, serving as judges in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States , Russia and Singapore. Megumi is the licensed judge of FFF from 2020.