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Novice Evaluation

If your beloved cats do not have any pedigreed cat certificates from any pedigreed cat association and you think your cats look alike the particular cat breed, FFF is helping all cat owners to recognize the breed and issue the FFF certificate.

A few steps to transfer your Novice cats to pedigreed cats under FFF are listed as below:

    ▶  Enter your cat into FFF pedigreed cat show in any country nearby

    ▶  Your cats will be shown and competed under the NOVICE class (NOV) in the show you enrolled

    ▶  Each judge will evaluate and assess your cat according to FFF breed standard.  

    ▶  If the judge confirms your cat matches the FFF breed standard, he will sign on the FFF Novice Evaluation Form.

    ▶  Once you collect signed Novice Evaluation Form from 4 different judges, you need to submit 4 signed Novice Evaluation Form to the Master Clerk of the show.

    ▶  You need to pay USD45 for each Novice cat transfer.  

    ▶  Master clerk records your cat is qualified to obtain the FFF pedigree.

    ▶  FFF Headquarter will then issue the FFF cat certificate to you by email within 5 days after the show.

    ▶  The FFF registration number for the Novice cat transferred to FFF pedigreed cats starts with “N”.  

    ▶  After 5 generation with “N” FFF registration number, the offspring starts from the 6th generation will have no “N” before the FFF registration number