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FFF Grooming Show

FFF Grooming Show

FFF is the FIRST pedigreed cat association to roll out the Grooming Show in the World.

♤ Each Grooming Ring will awards Top 10 Grooming Cats and Top 3 Groomers. 

♤ Judging criteria:

a. Top Grooming Cat

i. Grooming according to coat requirements in the FFF breed standard (60%).  

ii. Cat Condition & Presentation and overall cleanliness presented (40%)

iii. Scores will be given to each cat attended the grooming show.

b. Top Groomer

i. Knowledge on coat requirement in different breeds (30%)

ii. Grooming Understanding in both Daily Grooming and Show Grooming (50%).  Judges will conduct interview with each groomer to test their knowledge

iii. The number of breeds presented in the show and relevant knowledge on different breeds (20%)

♤ Points collected can be accumulated within the season towards Regional and national awards.  

♤ Average points for the top 5 highest Scoring judging ring the cat or the Groomer entered will be counted.

♤ Both the Regional and National Award will be presented during the Annual Award Banquet.  

♤ Top 10 Highest Scoring National Grooming Cats will be awarded with the NGW title

♤ Top 5 Highest Scoring Cats in the region will be awarded with the RGW title. 

♤ Top 3 highest Scoring National Groomer will be awarded with the Best National Groomer Award.  

♤ Highest Scoring Groomer in the region will get the Best Regional Groomer Award