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FFF 2023 Annual Award Banquet

2023 FFF Annual Award Banquet Details Announcement

Congratulations for your wins and your hard work in the past show season.  The FFF 2023 Annual Award Banquet will be held in Aryaduta Bali Indonesia. It’s time for the celebration party. You are cordially invited to join the FFF 2023 Annual Award Banquet.

A.       Annual Award Banquet Information

Date: 25 Feb 2024 (Sunday)

Location: Kuta-Bali Indonesia

Banquet Hall: The Heaven – Arya duta Hotel Kuta-Bali Hotel

Theme: Prom Night

Dress Code: Creative Black Tie

B.       Banquet Fees (Including Fine Dinning)

a.       Per person: USD100 (Free Rosette and certificate for One Owner)

b.       Companion: USD80 (No Free Rosette and certificate)

c.       Packagae: USD780 (1 table for 8 owner)

Enrollment Deadline: 15 Jan 2024

The following winners will be invited to come up to the stage to receive their awards:

♤National Winners (NW)

♤Regional Winners (RW)

♤Breed Winners (BW)

♤Special Awards (Best Head, Best Body, Best Coat, Best Color and Best Condition)

♤International Winner (IW)

♤International Breed Winner (IBW)

♤World King (WK) & World Queen (WQ)

C.      Rosettes Order

Each owner who comes to banquet will receive one rosette IW, IBW, BB, BH, BC, BT, BP, BW, RW, NW.  If an owner does not come to the banquet or needs more than one rosette, You may add a rosette request on the form.

Fee: USD20 each rosette

D.      Trophy Order

Trophy its an optional order available for IW, IBW, BW, RW and NW.

Pricing for each trophy: USD 60

Trophy and Rosette order Deadline: 15 Jan 2024

E.       Photos Submission

Winning cat photos are required for the following purposes:

1.       Yearbook: NW, RW, BW, IW, IBW, WK, WQ and all special awards winners

2.       Award Presentation Slide: NW, RW, BW, IW, IBW, WK, WQ and all special awards winners

Photo in JPEG format:

a.       Best Cat, Best Kitten, Best Alter and Best HHP (RW & NW):  Vertical Pose, 2480x3508 pixel, 300dpi

b.       All other winners:  Horizontal Pose, 1748x2480 pixel, 300dpi. 

(In order to ensure quality presentation, larger photo size would be better.)

Photo File Labeling Format:

Identify each cat photo file with [Cat name_country_award_ranking], email to

Photo Submission Deadline: 15 Jan 2024

F.      FFF 2023 Year Book advertisement

Advertisements in the booklet are mostly welcomed

1.       Half Page: USD 35

2.       Regular/full page USD 70

3.       Middle Half Page: USD 60

4.       Middle Full Page: USD 120

5.       Inside Cover Page: USD 200

6.       Back Inside Cover Page: USD 200

File Format: A4 full page, 214x301mm, 350dpi in PDF/JPEG with bleed margin 5mm

File Submission Deadline: 15 Jan 2024

PLACE ORDER – FFF 2023 Annual Award Banquet, Rosettes, Trophy & Advertisements

Please fill in the “Enrollment Form” and follow the payment instruction.

All reservation will not be valid until payment received

Payment Info :

Account Name: Ikhsan Maulana

Bank Name: Bank Central Asia (BCA)

Bank Account Number: 4971541983


Contact: Whatsapps Number +628192288811


Emails and Enrollment Form have sent to all winners.  Please check your email.

Our congratulations again on this awesome achievement.  Hope to see you all in the FFF 2023 Annual Award Banquet on 25 Feb 2024 in Aryaduta Bali.

FFF Annual Award Banquet Committee