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Ikhsan Maulana
Ikhsan Maulana
All Breed Judge

・FFF All Breed Judge

Ikhsan has joined cat fancy since 2009, first experience begins with be a part of ICA-FIFe "Indonesian Cat Assosiation - FÊdÊration Internationale FÊline" catshow. In 2012 he started his breeding program, showing, and become Cattery under CFA. Starting with Persian, until now he already showing few of different breeds such as Exotic, Norwegian Forest Cat, Sphynx, British shorthair, Maine coon, American shorthair, Abyssinian, etc. For breeding he still focus on Persian, Exotic, and American shorthair. Until now he tries to keep joining few cat shows held by many associations (FIFe, CFA, FFF, TICA and WCF). Over the years, several titles have been obtained such as Grand, divisional winner, and managed to get the very 1st Grand of Distinction (GoD award) In Indonesia.


In 2019 Ikhsan founded Pettology Pet Care and Grooming Centre and now developing into You Tube channel that shares educational contents about pets and grooming. In 2021, Ikhsan continue his judging career by joining Feline Fanciers Federation judging program. Until now ikhsan is still active as AB judge and organizer of several FFF events in Indonesia to introduce and share education event to all cats fancy in Indonesia