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Danny Tai
Danny Tai (Judging Committee)
All Breed Judge

・the Chief Compliance Officer of a multi-national company

・the President of FFF

・FFF All Breed judge and

・Chairman of the FFF judging committee

Danny enjoys dedicating himself to the breeding and exhibiting of pedigreed cats, especially Exotics and Persians. Danny and Chris founded HooBee Cattery in 2005. After 18 years of breeding, the exotic shorthair and Persian bred by him have reached the high level of titles and won numerous awards. HooBee cattery has 3 NW, 2 BW, 2 RW, 32 DW, 2 DM and over 40 GC/GP titles. Danny has served as a All breed judge for 5 years in the world-recognized purebred cat association, serving as judges in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States and Australia.
Danny won the annual Global Star Service Award, Asia Pacific Star Service Award and Asia Pacific Spotlight award. He has extensive knowledge of the standards of each cat breed. Danny is dedicated to promoting and educating new breeders and judges. He has hosted numerous cat races and annual awards ceremonies all over the world.