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Dr Sara Umar
Dr Sara Umar
All Breed Judge

・FFF All Breed Judge

Dr Sara enjoys dedicating herself to the breeding and exhibiting of pedigreed cats. She started with Exotics under GCCF Ireland in 2003 and Persians in 2006, she then started showing and breeding Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Scottish Fold in 2021. Her exotic had achieved Cat Of The Year Award in 2005 in Ireland. She has been actively breeding and showing in CFA from 2006 till now. She had achieved many GC & DW to date. Her ragdoll had won Best Kitten Malaysia and Best Ragdoll Kitten Asia in 2021/2022 show season. She also actively showing in WCF, FFF, FIFE and other cat association. Her cat had achieved NW title in WCF & FFF in 2022 show season.


She has started as training judge with FFF in 2021 and has completed her training and had judge in Malaysia and Indonesia. She has good knowledge of the standards of each cat breed. She is dedicated to promoting and educating new breeders and new exhibitors.